SG has facilitated over 941 Million USD in completed transactions through its Lending, Insurance, and Operations Divisions.

SG’s Lending Division operates through two platforms: Wholesale Lending and Private Banking. Through these platforms, SG positions each client with access to a broad array of lending solutions for any asset. Since its formation in 2010, SG’s Lending Division has facilitated over $538,000,000 in financing transactions on assets ranging from single-family residences to luxury estates, aircraft, yachts, and other commercial properties.

SG’s competitive advantage is derived from four central elements: relationships with key executives in private banking and wholesale lending; knowledge and understanding of complex income structures; experience in navigating through the ever-changing guidelines of the banking industry; and impartiality. This approach allows SG to determine which financial institutions and instruments are best suited to address the client’s needs without being constrained by financial incentives towards one solution over another.


Since the formation of SG's Insurance Division in 2012, SG has orchestrated and bounded over $243,000,000 in life insurance policies. SG works with leading life insurance experts to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions for their wealth protection-and-transfer needs.

SG’s competitive advantage in facilitating significant life insurance policies is derived from three elements: access to a broad network of insurance experts, the ability to fully analyze the financial situation of the client, and lastly – impartiality. Those three elements, in concert, enable SG to make sound recommendations when helping clients choose a life insurance provider who is best suited to handle their particular need.


SG’s Operations Division provides centralized management and oversight across various assets including luxury real estate, commercial properties, yachts, and aircraft. To date, SG has overseen and managed a range of assets with a cumulative value of over $158,000,000.

SG’s competitive advantage in effectively overseeing and managing an asset is derived from three core elements: integration of innovative technology and creative branding to otherwise traditional industries, direct control over expenses, and direct control over staffing. Together, these three elements enable SG to minimize operating expenses while maximizing the collateral value of an asset.