Challenger 604 and GV Aircraft - Financing, Managing, and Marketing


Divisions: Lending, Insurance, Operations
Jurisdiction: New York, Los Angeles, Amman

In March 2010, SG was hired to facilitate the acquisition and financing of a 2001 Challenger 604. Upon acquisition, SG’s Operations and Insurance Divisions also took part in successfully managing the aircraft until 2012. In 2013, SG was hired by the same client to facilitate the acquisition and financing of a 2002 GV while selling a 2001 Challenger 604. In January 2014, SG was selected again to market the GV for charter or sale, depending on market conditions.

Total amount of acquisition, (Challenger 604): $12,000,000
Total amount of financing, (Challenger 604): $8,000,000
Total amount of sale, (Challenger 604): 8,500,000
Total amount of acquisition, (GV): $24,000,000
Total amount of financing, (GV): $20,800,000
Target date of completion (GV): 7/30/14


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