Turning Complexity
Into Opportunity

SG is an experienced and innovative advisory firm, providing balance to complex financial ecosystems through Lending, Insurance, and Operations platforms.



Million USD, loans facilitated



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Million USD, assets managed

  • Wealth management is not just about assets and liabilities. It’s about people, who, much like their financials, are complicated. Every client's project is like a riddle that I enjoy solving. It is the dedication to this goal that makes the difference in a complex industry

    Alex Iovtchev | Partner, SG, LLC
  • SG's extensive relationships with many different types of lenders allows me to have a rare insight into the mortgage lending process, which translates to better terms for the borrower and less complications at closing

    Justin Kellenberger, Partner, SG, LLC
  • When you manage the operations of assets ranging from aircraft to yachts and mega estates, every day poses new challenges. It is important to stay one step ahead of the game - If you can do this effectively, you are not likely to ever be caught off guard

    Tim Pinkevich, Partner, SG, LLC
  • The lending process is more complex today than ever. With my years of experience in the mortgage business and the multitude of resources SG has to offer, I am able to navigate the process smoothly and successfully for my clients

    Craig Greene, Partner, SG, LLC

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